228: Jenny Jurek on Balancing Being a Mother, Designer, and Runner

Jenny Jurek on The Running On Om Podcast

“Reinforced my belief, you know that humanity. Everybody is just, we want to help, you know, we want to help others, we want to see other people succeed, we want to help people reach their goals. And it was true with Scott helping me, and me helping Scott and then just everybody else, just the vegan communities just showed up like so big, and the running community and the hiking, you know, it was just a celebration”
Jenny Jurek

Jenny Jurek is a runner, climber, designer and author. She is an accomplished athlete having run many ultras including UTMB, climbed in Yosemite and most recently, bike touring around Japan with her husband Scott and their two young children. In this conversation, a range of topics are discussed including:

  • Being a mother and the challenges Jenny overcame during her pregnancies
  • Her work with ‘Every Mother Counts’
  • Trusting her body
  • How she met her husband Scott
  • Her designer roles working at Montrail and Patagonia
  • Bike touring around Japan with her family
  • Her experience on the Appalachian Trail when Scott set the Fastest Known Time
  • What it was like co-authoring a book, “North,” with Scott
  • Designing for a need and how design fits in with her life now
  • Her goals for 2020 and her word for the year

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