55: Marissa Vicario on Transforming Your Relationship to Health

Marissa Vicario is a health and nutrition coach, blogger, and creator of MWAH, Marissa’s Well-Being and Health. In this episode, Marissa recounts her journey into health and how she reinvented her palate. She provides insight on how people can change their relationship to food. Marissa explains why she became a health coach and chose The Institute for Integrative Nutrition to study at. She offers a story of transformation of one of her clients and the three pillars of her coaching philosophy. Marissa reflects on her favorite ways to stay active and how she practices self-care on a daily basis. She explains what holistically hot means, a phrase she coined. She shares wise words from her inspiring grandmother and lastly, details on Marissa’s upcoming events and projects. Subscribe to Podcast via iTunes Listen to the Podcast via WordPress Marissa’s Sites:

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