10: Debbie Steingesser on Yoga and Crossfit

Debbie Steingesser is a San Francisco-based yoga teacher, Crossfit Level One Trainer, and creator of YogiWOD. Debbie was first introduced to yoga at the age of 16 as a way to unwind after dance classes. Since then, Debbie has become a 500-hour level yoga teacher and has taught at major yoga events including Yoga Reaches Out and Bhakti Fest.

In this episode, we discuss Debbie’s relationship with yoga: her first class to her teacher training studies with Saul David Raye. Debbie describes how Crossfit has become a major passion for her in studying with accomplished Crossfit coaches, teaching yoga to Crossfit athletes, and her recent launch of YogiWOD. Lastly, Debbie shares her current inspirations, which range from the poetry of Mary Oliver to chanting Kirtan music.

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