101: Jeff Caron on the Power of Passion in Running

Jeff Caron is the East Territory Sales Manager for ElliptiGO, competitive distance runner, and active supporter of all things running.

In this episode, Jeff shares his running background from how running gave him confidence as freshman in high school to his successful collegiate career at the University of Maine. He gives advice to younger athletes on how to find the distance that is right for you. Jeff reflects on pursuing his passion for running after college on the sub elite level with New Balance Boston and the lessons he learned from this time, including the importance of enjoying the process, instead of being results driven. Jeff discusses how he brought his commitment to the running industry to a new level with his work with Flotrack, Saucony, and now ElliptiGO. He reflects on his special experience watching the 2014 Boston Marathon. Jeff offers his perspective on the growth and future of running. Lastly, he shares who influences him in the sport and his goals for 2015.

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