103: Jenné Claiborne on Embodying a Vegan Lifestyle

Jenné Caliborne is a vegan chef and creator of Sweet Potato Soul.

In this episode, Jenné reflects on her transition to a vegan diet from her journey from vegetarian to vegan and the importance of community in making the change. Jenné shares stories from cooking with her biggest inspiration, her grandmother. She discusses how her Southern roots impact Sweet Potato Soul, her blog. Jenné reveals when she knew she wanted to be a teacher of food/nutrition and the actual logistics of having a personal chef business. She recounts her experience as the Disney Princess Tiana in a live NYC show. Jenné provides insight on traveling as vegan, drawing upon her international travels. Lastly, Jenné previews whats ahead in 2015 for Sweet Potato Soul, including projects in vegan footwear.

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