109: Alicia Shay on Running as a Gift of Giving

Alicia Shay is a professional runner, coach, and nutritionalist.

In this episode, Alicia tells the story of why she started running in high school. She reflects on the transition to collegiate running at Stanford University and recounts the unexpected race result of setting the former NCAA 10k women’s record. Alicia discusses how she overcame the challenges she faced from injury and her husband Ryan’s unexpected death at the 2008 Olympic Trials. She reflects on her inspiration to open her Flagstaff home (“the Shay Hostel”) to other endurance athletes. Alicia provides insight on her work as a coach and how it allows her to give back to the running community. She offers fueling advice for marathoners from her experience as a nutritionist. Alicia discusses her transition to trail running and explains how she incorporates ski mountaineering into her training. Lastly, Alicia previews races on her calendar for 2015.

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