114: Kara Goucher on The Importance of Being Yourself as a Runner

Kara Goucher is a professional runner for the Oiselle team, Olympian, and mother.

In this episode, Kara Goucher, tells the story of how she began running, from her first race at six years old with her grandfather to discovering cross country in seventh grade. Kara discusses the challenges of navigating puberty as an adolescent female runner. She provides insight on the importance of individualized training in her progression as a professional. Kara reflects on joining the Oiselle Team and the incredible support the Oiselle community has given her. She recounts the 2014 NYC Marathon and how she overcame the mental challenges she faced during the race. Kara gives advice for mother runners on balancing training with motherhood. She explains how she has transformed her nutrition with plant powered recipes. Lastly, Kara honors numerous female running mentors and previews whats ahead for 2015.

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