117: Louis Serafini on Finding the Purpose to Every Run

“Everyday has its purpose. Whether its an easy run for recovering or a workout, there is a purpose to every single run. Keeping that in mind when I go out and lace up my shoes, is definitely going to help me in this last part of training for Boston.” 

Louis Serafini is a runner and coach at Heartbreak Hill Running Company and South End Athletic Company.

In this episode, Louis Serfaini shares his running background from being raised in his parents’ running communities to committing to running seriously in high school. Lou reflects on his experience running at Boston College, from the transition to collegiate running to his most mentally challenging race of his college career. He discusses the importance of finding work you love and how his time at Heartbreak Hill Running Company and South End Athletic Company is a testament to this. Lou provides advice from his journey being self-coached and offers insight on the race tapering experience. Lastly, Lou reveals his goals for the 2015 Boston Marathon.

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