121: Wayne Levy on Running to the Moon in One Lifetime

“I realized that 100,000 is almost, not entirely, almost halfway to the moon, so I’ve decided, why  not run for another 35 years and see if I can run from earth to the moon.”

Wayne Levy is an accomplished runner, guide at RunBoston, and father.

In this episode, Wayne Levy shares the story of his running background from running as a child in Jamaica to winning the Connecticut State 5k Championship his senior year of high school. His discusses his experience working at the Boston Celtics for nineteen years. Wayne explains how he has already ran 10,000 miles in his lifetime and his plan to run this distance again. He recounts racing the Boston Marathon numerous times, including the mental and physical challenges he has faced. Wayne reflects on his involvement in the Boston running community, from being a guide with RunBoston Running Tours to establishing the Masters running team for the Boston Athletic Association. He offers insight from his journey balancing fatherhood, full-time work, and running. Lastly, Wayne reveals his running goals for 2015 and beyond.

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