122: Bill Denton on the Path to a Plant Based Business

“When your passionate about something, you don’t look at it as something that is difficult, its just apart of your life.

Bill Denton is the co-founder of the vegan restaurant Seabirds Kitchen, business consultant, and former professional tennis and triathlete.

In this episode, Bill shares the story of discovering athletics in his overweight youth. He reflects on how a plant based diet improved his training as a professional tennis player. Bill explains how a tennis injury lead him to discovering the restaurant business and triathlon. He offers advice for young entrepreneurs on starting their own plant based business. Bill discusses Seabirds Kitchen, the vegan restaurant he co-founded in Costa Mesa, CA. He provides his perspective on the future of the plant based movement. Lastly, Bill reflects on his running training now, including lessons learned from his recent LA Marathon.

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