123: Mary Ostyn on the Journey of Parenting Ten Children

“It’s been a gift to be able to confront some stuff. Because we all as humans, having been raised by humans, have stuff ,and if we don’t think through some of that, that impacts our ability to parent our kids in a wise and loving way.”

Mary Ostyn is a mother of ten children, author, and nurse.

In this episode, Mary Ostyn explains the importance of writing in her life. She reflects on the beginnings of her motherhood. Mary provides insight on the adoption process from her diverse experiences adopting six children, two sons from South Korea and four daughters from Ethiopia. She discusses how adoption has challenged her to develop new ways of parenting and through her blog posts on adoption, has inspired others. Mary recounts the decision she made to homeschool her children and how she balances her role as a mother and teacher on a daily basis. Lastly, Mary offers an Ostyn family tradition for the ROO listeners.

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