136: Loren Newman on Developing Mental Strength in Running

“In life, almost more than anything else, I like the feeling of getting to the start line or getting somewhere and having no idea of what’s going to come next. And that feeling of apprehensive anticipation, where you know that you have the skills to deal with what’s going to come, but you don’t know what its going to be.”

In this episode, Loren Newman, accomplished runner and student of public policy, tells the story of his lifelong passion for running. Loren explains how he discovered his strength in longer distance trail running after not making the team at Stanford University. He reflects on his experience working at Google and the vibrant running community there. Loren shares insight on overcoming fear in running through his stories of traveling the globe for a year, including a life-changing run in New Zealand. He discusses the power of the November Project Boston community during his time studying public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School. Loren provides insight on how he overcomes the mental challenges of running. Lastly, Loren recounts his Western States experience and the lessons he learned.

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