139: Tom Myers on Developing Body Intelligence

“There are not as many people, at least I don’t meet as many people that understand the concept of work. And I don’t mean loading bales of hay or physical work. But, the understanding that you are going to have to have your hand on that plow for years, a decade, two decades, and during that time you are going to come across the most fatiguing delays, the most mortifying disappointments, and the presumptuous judgement of the ignorant on what you are trying to do. You are going to face those things and you have to keep your hand on the plow and go.” 

In this episode, Tom Myers, founder of Anatomy Trains and Kinesis Myofascial Integration, discusses how he was first introduced to the power of movement in his undergraduate studies of theater at Harvard University. Tom recounts his exploration of different movement and spiritual groups in his nation-wide travels as a young adult. He explains his introduction to the structural integration work of Ida Rolf that eventually lead him to develop Anatomy Trains. Tom describes the journey of solidifying both Anatomy Trains and Kinesis Myofascial Integration and his experience teaching these modalities. Lastly, he offers insight on developing body intelligence in an increasingly industrialized world.

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