140: Emily Saul on Discovering the Path of Play in Sport and Life

“I couldn’t do a hundred strokes at a time, but I could do ten strokes at a time. I could create mantras or beliefs in my head that I could do anything for ten strokes and so, if all I thought about was just those ten strokes, I could do everything that I needed to.”

In this episode, Emily Saul, co-leader of November Project Boston and Lead Playmaker at Life is Good’s Playmakers, explores what is means to inspire others. She discusses how she was introduced to the mental techniques of sport psychology during her time as a Division I rower at the University of Tulsa, which later led her to receive a masters in Sports Psychology at Boston University. Emily reflects on her work as the Lead Playmaker at Life is Good’s public charity called Playmakers. She explains how her Playmakers work has lead her to believe that everyone yearns for play through engaging, connecting, and exploring one’s community and physical potential. She tells the story of how she found November Project Boston, a free fitness movement that Emily is now a co-leader of and how November Project demonstrates to her the importance of play for adults. Lastly, Emily reveals her own athletic goals.

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