141: Ian O’Dwyer on the Emotional Factor in Athletic Performance

“The emotional content, the emotional factor is something we have to bring back into an enjoyment. We have got to destress the body and allow the physical stress to start to melt. And once we can start to clear it, it’s amazing how the tissues start to respond.”

Ian O’Dwyer is a performance movement specialist, director of OD on Movement, and co-founder of PTA Global.

In this episode, Ian tells the story of his movement background, from raising horses throughout his childhood to playing Australian rules football. Ian discusses lessons learned from co-founding PTA Global, a leadership company focused on professional fitness development. He offers advice on empowering clients in the fitness industry to see themselves as their own healers. Ian reflects on the role of emotional stress in athletic performance, and in turn, provides insight on the importance of recovery in order to move and live optimally. Lastly, Ian reveals upcoming ideas and projects he is working on.

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