144: Chris Raymond on Cycling Through the Urban Mind

“Being on a bike is magical. You’re able to not only see, but smell, hear, and feel things. You know— it is so different than being in a car. You’re not really a passenger. You’re a driver.”

In this episode, Chris Raymond, founder of City Rider and experienced cyclist, explores the mental dialogue of cycling, from the fears riding in the city to the challenges of cyclocross racing. Chris recently founded City Rider, a Boston-based company that promotes urban bicycle safety, enjoyment, and awareness through interactive on-road lessons and classroom lectures. He shares his own story as a lifelong cyclist from falling in love with the freedom of the road at age 10 to the mental state he seeks in competition. Chris discusses the importance of yoga in his training and how the mental dialogue of a yoga practice influences his self-talk on a bike. He explains how City Rider’s classes teach everyone that urban cycling is not to be feared but, instead to be enjoyed. Chris reflects on the importance of his vegetarian diet in his riding and recovery. Lastly, Chris reveals upcoming races on his calendar and City Rider events.

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