145: Joanna Murphy on How to Own Your Journey

“I think sometimes it is really hard to just accept the level that you are at. And walk that fine line of balance between accepting where you are at and also believing that you can be better, but not demanding that to be the reality right now.”

In this episode, Joanna Murphy, professional runner, explores what it means to own your journey from her unorthodox running and life experiences. Joanna reflects on being homeschooled on her family’s Christmas tree farm in Washington State. She recounts her high school running experience from joining the team as a sophomore to winning the Washington State Championship in the 800m. Joanna discusses the highs and lows of her college career from battling numerous injuries to becoming an All-American in the 3000m Steeplechase. She shares lessons learned from traveling the world for work as a marketing strategist. Joanna reveals how stepping back from running when abroad, ultimately inspired her to return to her event of the steeplechase and pursue running professionally. Lastly, Joanna provides insight on the importance of owning her journey through understanding her running as a learning and life process.

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