146: Steve Almond on the Power of Radical Empathy

“The big struggle it seems to me in life is to lower your expectations on yourself, but somehow continue to try to do the things that make you feel ok about yourself. Because not everybody is going to win. You are going to do what you can do. And the big, big, big question is how do you keep doing that and esteeming what you have and what you do, without falling into utter despair and self loathing.”

In this episode, Steve Almond, author and cohost of the Dear Sugar Radio, explores the power of radical empathy in his relationship to his three young children. Steve discusses balancing fatherhood with his writing. He recounts his journey as a writer from working as a newspaper reporter after college to the inspiration behind Candyfreak, his New York Times bestselling book. Steve provides his perspective on the role of radical empathy in America’s complex relationship with football, which he documented in his recent book, Against Football. Lastly, Steve reveals his experience as the cohost of the Dear Sugar Radio with the acclaimed author Cheryl Strayed.

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