15: Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein on Yoga, Their Relationship, and the New Year

Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein are an LA-based yoga teaching duo. Briohny and Dice are known for their love of inversions and arm balances with their development of signature styles of Bryce and Fit Flow Yoga. They have both shared their love of yoga through popular Equinox videos: “The Contortionist,” “Paddleboarders, Meet Your Mat,” and “The Balancing Act.”

In this episode, we discuss Briohny and Dice’s relationship with yoga, each other, and the upcoming year. Briohny and Dice describe how they first came to their yoga mats, their experiences of teaching yoga internationally, and challenges in their personal practices. Briohny and Dice share the story of how they first met and their relationship when co-teaching. Lastly, Briohny and Dice preview what’s ahead for 2014: family, yoga, and their newfound love of golf!

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