150: Renee and Austin Baillie on The Importance of Athletic Recovery

“Do you not have goals? Do you not have pain? I think every single person in this world has some kind of pain that happens and they think it’s status quo to live with it and it’s not. And people want to be active for life.”

In this episode, Renee and Austin Baillie, runners and co-founders of Recharge Sport, discuss the importance of athletic recovery for athletes of all levels. Renee is a professional marathoner and Austin is an accomplished runner and massage therapist. They explain their running backgrounds, from recounting their first races to the lessons they learned from Mark Wetmore, their coach at the University of Colorado. Renee and Austin reflect on their meeting story and how they balance being business owners and training partners. They discuss how Renee practices recovery in her running training: from the role of recovery in a weekly marathon training cycle to the importance of utilizing various recovery modalities when coming back from injury. Renee and Austin reveal the joys and challenges of owning their own business, including their plans for Recharge Sport. Lastly, Renee and Austin provide accessible athletic recovery tools that everyone can practice.

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