153: Amanda Stuermer on Discovering Your Inner Muse

“I firmly believe that deep down we all know what it is that we need. I think we all have those tools, we just need someone to help us discover them. Like, what is it that you love that will help you express yourself? I always knew it was writing— it had gotten lost somehow.”

In this episode, Amanda Stuermer, founder of World Muse, writer, activist, and editor of Muse Magazine, provides insight on discovering your inner muse. Amanda reflects on her journey developing self awareness, self expression, and self empowerment. She discusses the importance of finding mentors and how they have expanded her activism work. Amanda explores how her fear of public speaking brings to light the epidemic mindset of not feeling “enough.” She shares the story behind founding World Muse, an organization that inspires women and girls to create the change they wish to see in the world. Amanda reflects on her experiences of conscious activism as the intersection of yoga and service. Lastly, Amanda discusses how Muse Magazine ignites her inner muse and offers a writing challenge to turn your inspiration into activation.

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