18: Becky Wade on Running, Racing, and Traveling

Becky Wade is a professional runner for Asics, Watson Fellow, and world traveler. Becky graduated from Rice University in 2012 with success in the 5k, 10k, and steeplechase. The year after graduation, Becky received a prestigious Watson Fellowship to travel the world studying different running cultures. During her fellowship, Becky visited over twenty countries and ran 3,504 miles. In 2013, Becky was the fifth fastest female American marathoner with her 2:30 marathon time in the California International Marathon. What makes it even more amazing is that it was her first marathon ever!

In this episode, we discuss Becky’s running background from being a hurdler in fifth grade to what she thought about when racing the 10k in college. Becky shares the inside scoop on her Watson Fellowship and describes her favorite place she travelled: Ethiopia. Becky offers wise advice for runners based on her experiences with injuries. Lastly, Becky reveals what inspires her outside of running.

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