30: Sage Rountree on Balancing Yoga and Running

Sage Rountree is a yoga teacher, runner, triathlete, endurance sports coach, and author. Sage specializes in teaching yoga to runners. She is an endurance athlete herself and has raced 400m to the ultramarathon and triathlons from the super sprint to the Ironman. Sage co-owns the Carrboro Yoga Company and the Durham Yoga Company, in addition to hosting online teacher trainings and teaching on YogaVibes. Sage has also published five books, with her most recent book, “Racing Wisely: A Practical & Philosophical Guide To Performing At Your Personal Best.”

In this episode we explore Sage’s relationships with balancing yoga and running. Sage reveals how she found yoga and what inspired her to become a yoga teacher. Sage also discusses “yoga moments” during a race, how yoga can fit into runners’ training, and her own story of battling a running injury. Lastly, Sage shares her inspirations, from great reads to her recent REI/Prana Tour.

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