38: Carrie Tollefson on Running, the Olympics, and Motherhood

Carrie Tollefson is an elite middle distance runner, Olympian, and host of C Tolle Run, a weekly running and fitness show.

In this episode Carrie shares her running background: she ran her first race at the age of five, was a 13-time Minnesota State Champion (eight in track and five in cross country), and was the first person in NCAA history to win both the 3K and 5K titles. Carrie recounts her most challenging race, the 1500 Olympic qualifying trails that won her a spot representing the US in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. She discusses marathons, from her experience watching the 2014 Boston Marathon on TV to her upcoming training for a half marathon. Lastly, Carrie highlights the importance of family: she offers advice for mothers on how to fit in training while balancing children, reveals her grandfather as her inspiration, and shares how she unplugs with her family.

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