50: Sara Hall on Professional Running, Perseverance, and Faith

Sara Hall is a professional runner and cofounder of the Hall Steps Foundation.

In this episode, Sara gives the inside scoop on her life as a professional runner for Asics, her relationship to her faith, and the social justice work she has done that has brought her around the world. She discusses how she began running at 13 years old and the freedom running gave her as an adolescent. Sara recounts her time at Stanford University and weighs what she loves more– track or cross country. She explains her preparations for her debut of a 2014 Fall marathon. Sara shares how running has taught her perseverance and how her Christian faith centers her life. She describes her journey with the Hall Steps Foundation and her travels in Ethiopia and Kenya. Sara reflects on her relationship with her husband Ryan Hall, also an accomplished professional runner, and their involvement with Team Run Flagstaff. Lastly, Sara reveals her inspirations– from Lauren Fleshman as a mentor to cooking omelets with Ryan.

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