53: Leslie Salmon Jones on Afro Flow Yoga and Pioneering Diversity in the Yoga World

Leslie Salmon Jones is the creator of Afro Flow Yoga, yoga teacher, wellness coach, and dancer.

In this episode, Leslie discusses her dance background, how she created Afro Flow Yoga, and issues of diversity in the yoga world. She reveals her journey to become a professional dancer for the Alvin Ailey Company. Leslie explains what is Afro Flow Yoga, how a trip to Africa inspired its creation, and the riveting story of the very first Afro Flow Yoga Class. Leslie provides insight on issues of diversity in the yoga community and the healing work that she is doing. She previews upcoming events for Afro Flow Yoga, including collaborations with the renowned Omega Institute. Lastly, Leslie offers her perspective on nutrition, from what she eats to advice for those interested in eating clean.

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