56: Joanna Zeiger on the Journey from Professional Triathlon to Competitive Running

Joanna Zeiger is an accomplished runner, former professional triathlete, coach, and researcher of behavioral genetics.

Joanna was a professional triathlete who had successes at all 3 distances in the sport, winning races in the Olympic, Half Ironman, and Ironman distances. She is an Olympic trial qualifier in 3 sports – marathon, triathlon and swimming.

In this episode, Joanna discusses her background in swimming from beginning at the age of 7 to swimming competitively through college. She explains how an injury lead her to discover running. Joanna recounts the two most memorable races from her triathlon career. She describes the benefits of strength training for endurance athletes. Joanna reveals her current focus on running as a competitive masters athlete and upcoming races and goals, including qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. She reflects on why coaches need a coach. Joanna explains how she balances her work as a Research Associate at the Institute for Behavioral Genetics and training on a day to day basis. She honors the importance of her family’s support in her athletic endeavors. Lastly, Joanna provides three tips for endurance athletes those recovering from an injury and her nutrition philosophy for athletes of all levels.

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