74: Zeke Tiernan on Finding What Makes You Happy in Running

Zeke Tiernan is an ultra-trail runner, history teacher, coach, and father.

In this episode, Zeke reflects on his journey dreaming big with running in high school. He explains how running for the renowned University of Colorado taught him the balance between the desire to be successful and training smart. Zeke recounts a successful 10k in college that showed him the power of running your own race. He explains how he decided to run ultras and the power of community in when running the Leadville 100 for the first time. Zeke shares details on how he trains for 100-milers and his nutrition strategy for running long. He reveals how he balances work, fatherhood, and training. Zeke offers three tips for winter running. He recaps his most recent experience at the Leadville 100 in August 2014 and how his training was different the fourth time around. Lastly, Zeke previews upcoming races and goals.

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