78: Goldie Graham on the Power of the Yoga and Running Communities

Goldie Graham is a yoga teacher, community organizer, and runner.

In this episode, Goldie describes her yoga background from why she first stepped on a yoga mat to how she knew she wanted to be a yoga teacher. Goldie offers advice for people who are interested in doing a teacher training. She recounts a recent memorable yoga class she taught at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Vermont and what made it so special. Goldie discusses the details behind organizing a yoga-run event called More Movement and what it was like to teach 600 people. She tells the story of how Brogan, her husband and cofounder of November Project, met. Goldie reveals what is her favorite workout in the November Project weekly schedule. She reflects on her upcoming New York City Marathon. Goldie provides insight on living yoga off the mat through the practice of patience. She shares yoga teachers that inspire her and how she unplugs. Goldie explains her philosophy on nutrition from her favorite juicing recipe to her top eating spots in Boston. Lastly, she previews upcoming projects.

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  • To learn more and donate to Julia’s work with the Yaya Girls Running Program in Ethiopia , check out http://startsomegood.com/empoweryayagirls.
  • The yoga teacher that inspires Goldie that she could not remember her name is Meghan Currie who is teaching at Back Bay Yoga on Thursday September 25th, 2014.

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