89: Haile Gebrselassie on Never Giving Up

Haile Gebrselassie is one of the greatest distance runners in history, a professional runner from Ethiopia, Olympian, world recorder holder in numerous events, including the former world record holder in the marathon, and now businessman and father.

In the episode, Haile tells the story of how he started running, from running the 10km to school and 10km home everyday to his first 1500 meter race at the age of 14. Haile reveals the reasons behind his favorite running distance. He discusses the importance of never giving up and the role this lesson played in his 2000 Sydney Olympics 10,000 meter race where he won the gold medal. Haile explains how running influences his outlook on business and the centrality of his faith in his life. He offers his perspective on why Ethiopian runners are among the best in the world and describes what his training looks like now. Haile reflects on how he balances his running, family, and businesses. Lastly, Haile shares who his biggest role model has been.

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