90: Mother Juice on Bringing Fresh Food to Boston

Ellen Fitzgerald is the cofounder of Mother Juice and Will Jackson is the manager of Mother Juice. Mother Juice is an organic juice, smoothie, and raw vegan eatery in Cambridge, MA that recently opened in September 2014.

In the episode, Ellen and Will discuss why they started Mother Juice from its beginnings as a food truck in Boston to the logistics of turning it into an actual storefront. They both reveal how they got into juicing: Ellen’s grandmother’s influence on her and Will trying to pursue his now girlfriend. Ellen and Will explain Mother Juice’s recipe and menu development and the challenges of starting a business. They reflect on who has inspired Mother Juice’s food philosophy. Ellen shares her perspective on why Boston has a surprisingly few amount of vegetarian/vegan eating spots. They discuss how Mother Juice is cultivating a community that is changing lives. Ellen provides insight on why people are afraid of food labeled as vegetarian and vegan and how Mother Juice is trying to overcome this. Lastly, they preview Mother Juice’s plans for 2015.

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