91: Sarah Bard on Finding the Inspiration to Explore New Distances

Sarah Bard is an accomplished runner who lives, works, and trains in the Boston area.

In the episode, Sarah shares the story behind why started running in middle school. She describes the influence of her coaches in her running development from the tough workouts of her high school coach to the wisdom of her college coach. Sara recalls her most memorable race in college: running the Boston Marathon in her senior year and the challenges she faced during it. She advocates the importance of mental and physical breaks from competitive running. Sarah provides insight from her experience balancing her social life and training. She discusses finding the inspiration to explore new distances with her first ultra-distance race this Fall. Sara recounts her recent win at the JFK 50-miler, which was her first ultra marathon! Lastly, Sarah reveals her favorite local running routes and previews races for 2015.

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