92: Eric Ahern on Rediscovering Competitive Running

Eric Ahern is a long-distance runner who trains, lives, and works in the Boston area.

In the episode, Eric discusses how he started running in high school and then how he returned to running in his adulthood after many years of exploring the outdoors in other mediums. He tells the unique story of how surfing inspired him to try running again. Eric reflects on the power of a running community in inspiring you to train. He demonstrates the similarities between tapping into the flow state in surfing and running. Eric offers a recap of his recent North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile race and the highs and lows you can experience in a race that long. He looks back at his successful year of racing in 2014 and reveals whats ahead for 2015. Eric explains how the middle school students he teaches react to his running ultras and his secret to balancing training and work: run to work! Lastly, Eric provides insight on cultivating a sense of acceptance in one’s running journey.

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