154: Craig Coffey and Gabriel Gomez on a Holistic Approach to Human Performance

“You have to have extreme confidence in the team or else that would have been even more scary (Craig). But that does give you the comfort level that you are doing it with three other people that you have the ultimate confidence in. You literally put your lives in their hands (Gabriel).”

In this episode, Craig Coffey and Gabriel Gomez, co-founders of O2X, explore a holistic approach to human performance. They discuss O2X’s base-to-peak mountain challenges and their recent experiences at Loon Mountain. Craig and Gabriel share about their athletic journeys from Craig’s background as a multi-sport athlete to Gabriel’s training as a Navy SEAL. They offer insight on overcoming fear in starting one’s own business from their experience of co-founding O2X. Craig and Gabriel explain the 5 human performance pillars of O2X, including the role of resilience training in the executive development programs they lead. They reflect on their experiences running marathons together and the impact of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing on their running. Lastly, Craig and Gabriel preview what’s ahead for O2X.

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