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ROO #170: Amanda Nurse on Finding Joy in Improvement

In this episode, Amanda Nurse, runner, social worker, and wellness advocate explores how to find joy in the path of improvement. Amanda discusses her athletic journey from ice skating in her youth, playing lacrosse in college to running her first marathon. She explains the importance of a balanced training schedule that has allowed her to improve her marathon time with every marathon she has raced.

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ROO #155: Craig Coffey and Gabriel Gomez on a Holistic Approach to Human Performance

In this episode, Craig Coffey and Gabriel Gomez, co-founders of O2X, explore a holistic approach to human performance. They discuss O2X’s base-to-peak mountain challenges and their recent experiences at Loon Mountain. Craig and Gabriel share about their athletic journeys from Craig’s background as a multi-sport athlete to Gabriel’s training as a Navy SEAL. They offer insight on overcoming fear in starting one’s own business from their experience of co-founding O2X.

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ROO #144: Amby Burfoot on How to Live Every Mile as a Gift

In this episode, Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon Winner and Runner’s World Magazine editor-at-large, tells the story of how every mile is a gift. Amby reflects on the importance of running mentorship from his time serving in the Peace Core as a distance running coach in El Salvador to the impact that John J. Kelley, accomplished marathoner and his high school coach, had on his life. He discusses his relationship to running in college marked by passion, obsession, and hard work.

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ROO #129: Ask the Yogi Runners 5 on The Power of Yoga in Setting a Marathon PR

“Sometimes the mind during a marathon will start drifting to other competitors and external situations, when really, you need to be focusing on holding your form and a relaxed state.” * Ask the Yogi Runners is a series on Running On Om hosted by Julia Hanlon and Susie Stephen. In this episode, Susie and Julia discuss their recent marathon experiences. In part one, Julia recounts her journey guiding Lisa, a visually impaired runner, in the recent Boston Marathon. Susie explores how she incorporated yoga practices in her preparation and race plan for the Eugene Marathon, including reciting mantra, goal setting, and running without a Garmin watch. They also answer questions on how to use yoga to create hip and spinal mobility in runners. In part two, just hours after crossing the finish line, Susie recaps her experience running the Eugene Marathon and how her yoga practices were put to the test. * We would love to answer your yoga and running related questions, email us at asktheyogirunners@gmail.com!

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