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ROO #152 Nicole Antoinette on How to Cultivate Real Talk

In this episode, Nicole Antoinette, writer, podcast host, and self-proclaimed recovering self-help addict, discusses how to cultivate real talk in your life. Nicole explains her creative sabbatical from her business as a weekly blogger and accountability coach. She tells the story of her relationship with alcohol and running, from how she stopped drinking to the role running has played in her sobriety.

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ROO #147: Steve Almond on the Power of Radical Empathy

In this episode, Steve Almond, author and cohost of the Dear Sugar Radio, explores the power of radical empathy in his relationship to his three young children. Steve discusses balancing fatherhood with his writing. He recounts his journey as a writer from working as a newspaper reporter after college to the inspiration behind Candyfreak, his New York Times bestselling book.

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ROO #145: Chris Raymond on Cycling Through the Urban Mind

In this episode, Chris Raymond, founder of City Rider and experienced cyclist, explores the mental dialogue of cycling, from the fears riding in the city to the challenges of cyclocross racing. Chris recently founded City Rider, a Boston-based company that promotes urban bicycle safety, enjoyment, and awareness through interactive on-road lessons and classroom lectures. He shares his own story as a lifelong cyclist from falling in love with the freedom of the road at age 10 to the mental state he seeks in competition.

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ROO #144: Amby Burfoot on How to Live Every Mile as a Gift

In this episode, Amby Burfoot, 1968 Boston Marathon Winner and Runner’s World Magazine editor-at-large, tells the story of how every mile is a gift. Amby reflects on the importance of running mentorship from his time serving in the Peace Core as a distance running coach in El Salvador to the impact that John J. Kelley, accomplished marathoner and his high school coach, had on his life. He discusses his relationship to running in college marked by passion, obsession, and hard work.

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