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ROO #135: Rachele Pojednic on Changing the Nutritional and Lifestyle Landscape of America

“I think that’s why professionally I do both: so, I’m in that sweaty dark studio with the music blaring and then at the other part of my day, I’m looking at what scientifically is going on in your body during those times. So, its a really nice balance.” * In this episode, Rachele Pojednic, research fellow at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, doctorate in Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition & Exercise Physiology, spin instructor at Flywheel Sports, and creator of Strong-Process, reflects on the lessons she learned as a coxswain for Northeastern’s DI Men’s Varsity Rowing Team. She discusses how she balances spin instructing at Flywheel Sports with her full-time research fellowship at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine. Rachele explains the numerous research studies she is involved with that are devoted to the intersection between food and movement. She also provides insight on how America can make behavioral changes that will transform the nutritional and lifestyle landscape. Rachele reveals her perspective on the numerous fad diets and discusses the science behind what really works. Lastly, Rachele previews exciting upcoming projects and research.

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