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ROO #129: Ask the Yogi Runners 5 on The Power of Yoga in Setting a Marathon PR

“Sometimes the mind during a marathon will start drifting to other competitors and external situations, when really, you need to be focusing on holding your form and a relaxed state.” * Ask the Yogi Runners is a series on Running On Om hosted by Julia Hanlon and Susie Stephen. In this episode, Susie and Julia discuss their recent marathon experiences. In part one, Julia recounts her journey guiding Lisa, a visually impaired runner, in the recent Boston Marathon. Susie explores how she incorporated yoga practices in her preparation and race plan for the Eugene Marathon, including reciting mantra, goal setting, and running without a Garmin watch. They also answer questions on how to use yoga to create hip and spinal mobility in runners. In part two, just hours after crossing the finish line, Susie recaps her experience running the Eugene Marathon and how her yoga practices were put to the test. * We would love to answer your yoga and running related questions, email us at asktheyogirunners@gmail.com!

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ROO #120: Kate Grace on Discovering Your Legacy as a Runner

“There is something noble about just going out and starting and putting yourself out there in races even when your not in your top shape.” – Kate Grace *This podcast is part of the #ROORises Series: please share the podcast by posting a picture on Instagram of your listening experience and tag @runningon0m and @fastkate!* In this episode, Kate Grace, professional runner for the Oiselle Team, shares the story of how she began running in high school in preparation for soccer season. She discusses the importance of taking ownership over her running as professional. Kate recounts one of her most memorable races of her collegiate career at Yale University. She reflects on the power of the Oiselle community and her Little Wing teammates. Kate provides insight on strength training for runners and reveals her own strength program. She offers advice on overcoming and dealing with injury. Lastly, Kate shares her perspective on discovering her legacy as a runner and whats ahead for 2015.

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