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ROO #60: Diane Israel on Letting Go of the Standard of Physical Perfection


Diane Israel is psychotherapist, world-class runner and triathlete, filmmaker, and teacher.

In this episode, Diane recounts her background in running from being one of the only high school girls in road races to qualifying for the Olympic Trials. She offers advice for those intimidated by running on how to find oneself as a runner. Diane explains why she transitioned from running to competitive triathlon. She discusses her personal journey with eating issues and why endurance athletes are obsessed with body image. Diane shares how she knew she wanted to be a psychotherapist. She provides her perspective on four key components for healing from eating issues. Lastly, Diane explains how she has been a conduit for her mother’s teachings.

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Why I Love the Lunge Warm Up


Female camp counselors doing the Lunge Warm Up pre-run

I have had the honor of working at the Boulder Running Camps in Colorado for the past two weeks, founded and directed by the amazing Coach Jay Johnson, who is featured on the ROO Podcast #27.

We teach committed high school runners numerous elements for improving their running. One of my favorite exercises I have learned at the camp is The Lunge Warm Up, which Coach Johnson advocates before every run and is based on Physical Therapist Gary Gray’s Lunge Matrix.

Three reasons why I love it?

  1. Takes less than 5 minutes– short and sweet!
  2. Moves through all three essential planes of movement– runners often overlook anything but forwards motion.
  3. Turns on your glutes– you will have to try it to find out!


Learn the Lunge Warm Up:  YouTube video

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ROO #59: Shanna Burnette on Balancing Running, Motherhood, and Business Ownership


Shanna Burnette is an accomplished runner for the Oiselle Team, founder of ModCraft, and mother.

In this episode, Shanna discusses how she balances being a mother, company owner of ModCraft, and runner for Oiselle. She shares he running background from soccer in her youth to running collegiately at the renowned University of Colorado. Shanna explains why she loves Oiselle and has chosen to run and work with them. She reveals how ModCraft, her brand communication agency, began and the collaborative platform she has fostered between clients. Shanna provides insight on how to balance training with work and motherhood. Lastly, Shanna previews upcoming innovations for ModCraft and running races on her schedule.

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ROO #58: Jeremy and Adriana Nelson on Running and Roll Recovery


Jeremy and Adriana Nelson are accomplished runners and cofounders of Roll Recovery.

In this episode, Jeremy and Adriana discuss their running backgrounds, Adriana’s journey as a professional runner, and their cofounding of Roll Recovery, a company that creates innovative self-massage tools for athletes. Adriana recounts her running story from her youth in Romania. Jeremy reflects on how being married to a professional runner inspired his getting serious about running. They both offer three tips on injury prevention. Jeremy and Adriana discuss how perseverance has made Adriana’s most memorable marathons. They explain what is Roll Recovery and the story behind its invention. Lastly, they reveal upcoming races and roll recovery innovations in the upcoming months.

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ROO #57: Joel Davis on The Yoga Music and Radio Industry


Joel Davis is the Minister of Music of Black Swan Sounds Record Label and DJ of Terrasonic.

In this episode, Joel discusses his musical journey of working at numerous different yoga music companies, including his current work as the Minister of Music at Black Swan Sounds Record Label and his famous show Terrasonic, a global freeform mix show created in 2002 that is still airing weekly. Joel first provides his background in music. He explains how KGNU Community Radio in Boulder changed his life. He explains his journey working for numerous different yoga record labels, including Sounds True, White Swan Records, and Black Swan Sounds. Joel provides insight on the the intersection between music and spirituality. He discusses his collaborations with numerous yoga music artists, including DJ Drez, Srikalogy, and MC Yogi. Joel details three things he has learned from having his own radio show. He reveals his perspective on how music can heal the world and what he thinks is the future of yoga in the next 25 years.

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Tuesday Truth: Be a Dreamer

“When you’re a dreamer, heart break and failure come with the territory, but I can definitely tell you it is still worth it, because it is a way of living that is that is both moving and memorable.”

- Lauren Fleshman

* Quote from Lauren Fleshman’s inspirational talk for the Oregon Track Club Annual Dinner, watch full speech on YouTube

{Photo taken in Boulder, CO in July 2014}


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