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Yaya Journal 1: Learn, Love, Live

It has been an incredible first few days in Sululta, Ethiopia at the Yaya Village. The new class of Yaya Girls will arrive in two weeks and until then, we are preparing for their arrival. I love things in threes. My birthday is on a third. My brother’s birthday is on a third. Om has three syllables within it (A-U-M). The father, the son and the holy ghost — basically, many powerful things come in threes…  As I take stock of my first few days in Ethiopia, I am inspired to reflect on the three Ls: learning, loving, and living. Learn the …

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ROO #82: Gabriella and Solomon Masala on Embodying Love and Bhakti

In this episode, Gabriella and Solomon Masala, consultants, musicians, and bhakti yogis, share their respective spiritual backgrounds that led them to kirtan. They recount the story of how they met. Gabriella and Solomon discuss navigating a world where people may not share the same mindset as you. They explain what humility means to them and the importance of a spiritual community. Gabriella and Solomon reflect on their journey creating and releasing their latest album, Bhakti Masala. They describe recent, powerful kirtan experiences they have had. Lastly, Gabriella and Solomon preview upcoming projects and life changes for them.

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ROO #80: Valerie D’Ambrosio on the Path of Self Love

In this episode, Valerie D’Ambrosio, life coach, yoga teacher, co-founder of the Hanuman Festival, and creator of Organic Twist, explains why she came to yoga. Valerie reflects on her journey healing from an eating disorder. She discusses the difference between self love and self care. Valerie recounts how she knew she wanted to be a life coach and reveals the meaning of meaning of Organic Twist. She recounts a story of transformation of one client she has coached. Valerie shares who she considers her teacher, including Louise Hay. She describes how she co-founded the Hanuman Festival and her journey stepping away from directing it. Lastly, Valerie previews upcoming projects and retreats for Organic Twist.

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