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ROO #160: Anna Sabatino on Listening to the Messages in Your Life

“I didn’t know that my higher power was really going to give me a vehicle. That the vehicle was going to be the vehicle to come to them because they wouldn’t come otherwise cause they don’t want to deal with things and that’s what happened to me— I didn’t want to deal with it and I certainly couldn’t tell anyone because I’m supposed to be perfect.”

In this episode, Anna Sabatino, life coach and co-founder of CS Driving School, explores what it means to listen to the messages in your life. Anna recounts her journey leaving corporate America to become a life coach. She reflects on her healing process from trauma that she experienced in her life coach training. Anna explains how her desire to empower teenagers lead her to become a driving instructor. She provides insight on overcoming challenge from her experience founding CS Driving School. Lastly, Anna discusses the importance of spirituality and meditation in her daily life as a teacher and coach.

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