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ROO #191: Anton Krupicka on Lessons Learned from the Mountains


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“You can never go to the mountains and not be completely humbled. I’m just such a small little speck in this vast landscape of indifferent, uncaring rock, snow, and ice.” 

In this episode, Anton Krupicka, professional ultra runner, reflects on lessons learned from the mountains. Anton discusses his insatiable love for running, from running his first marathon at the age of 12 to regularly logging over 200 miles per week at the beginning of his professional running career. He explains his transition to ultra distances after college, including a recount of winning his first 100-mile race, The Leadville 100. Anton provides his perspective on the role of competition and flow state in ultra running. He explores how skiing, climbing, and cycling have contributed to his running training. Lastly, Anton previews projects and races on his calendar for 2016.

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