254: Alli Penovich on Freediving and Spearfishing

Photo by Kohei Ueno

“I usually do two warm ups with the first at 33 feet. I pull down to 33 feet super slow, easy, and sit there. You pull back up once you have your first urge to breathe and I really like that time. I don’t wear a mask, but I still open my eyes and it’s a blurry deep blue. I feel so relaxed. I get ready for the depth and I give myself a pep talk. I pull back up and do another warmup dive to about 66 feet and it’s just another super slow and relaxed free immersion.”
– Alli Penovich

 Alli Penovich is a freediver based out of Florida, competing in the disciplines of freediving and spearfishing. She is sponsored by Amavara, Cobian and Florida Freedivers. Alli is a four time IUSA (International Underwater Spearfishing Association) World Record holder, gaining her first world record at the age of 17. She is a qualified freediving instructor for FII (Freediving Instructors International), where she qualified under her coach Bobby Kim. A former college triathlete, Alli’s exposure to the water started at a young age, and her growth and love in the water has grown exponentially. Her passion for the ocean comes out in this conversation, and covers the following topics:

  • Growing up in the water and having positive male mentors
  • Her origins spearfishing and freediving
  • The nuances between spearfishing and freediving disciplines 
  • Freediving training and competitions
  • Becoming a freediving instructor
  • Being a triathlete in college
  • Mental toughness and not letting quitting become a habit
  • Being calm under pressure
  • Her experiences with sharks
  • Looking up to Kimi Werner
  • Her World Records
  • Her future goals and aspirations

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