257: Ajeé Wilson on Humility and Enduring in Professional Running

“As I was coming up, and I wasn’t that good yet, it was, when you get on the line, whoever is on the line has to prove that they are better than you that day. I don’t care what they did in that season, I don’t care what they did earlier in the year. When they line up. and you give it your all, and they give it their all. Anything can happen.”
– Ajeé Wilson

Ajeé Wilson is a professional middle distance runner, running for Adidas and the Juventus Track Club in Philadelphia. She is a 2016 Olympian, 2021 hopeful and a multiple-time American Record holder. Ajeé turned Pro out of high school, foregoing the traditional NCAA path, forging her own way whilst still gaining a college degree. Ajeé’s drive and determination to succeed is prominent throughout this podcast.

This conversation covers the following:
  • Her first memory running
  • Running with her dad and how he influenced her later in life
  • How her sister introduced her to track
  • Realizing her potential as a runner
  • Her first coach Dawn, and the humility that transitioned her to her current coach
  • Going Pro out of high school
  • Her mentors and role models
  • Training in 2020 and the pandemic
  • Setting the American Record in the 800 meters in Monaco and future goals
  • Her mantras and racing philosophy
  • How she downshifts
  • Her love for Beyonce and her go to pre-race song
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