225: Molly Seidel on Navigating Mental Health and Running Professionally

Molly Seidel with Running On Om

You need to be mentally well in order to run your best. Winning these titles in of themselves mean nothing. Like I was unhappier than I’ve ever been probably after those two national championships, it just felt like nothing. And like some of the greatest joys in my life have come after races that I didn’t even necessarily do that well, but you have people surrounding your life that you care about and your body feels good and just like things that bring you joy.
– Molly Seidel 

Molly Seidel is a professional runner for Saucony, living in Boston, MA. She graduated from Notre Dame with four NCAA national titles to her name and remains the only woman to date with wins at both the high school Foot Locker Cross Country National Championships and the NCAA National Cross Country Championships. Molly recently qualified for the 2020 Olympic Marathon trials with her win at the San Antonio Half Marathon, and will be making her marathon debut at the 2020 trials in Atlanta in February.

This conversation is a powerful one, and covers the following topics:

  • Molly’s win at the San Antonio Half and how she is approaching the 2020 marathon trials.
  • Her skiing background and her time running for a high school that was a skiing powerhouse.
  • How winning Footlocker wasn’t considered a big deal at her high school, and how that helped take pressure off her running.
  • How she chose Notre Dame, her collegiate running experience, and her challenges with depression and an eating disorder.
  • The importance of the Notre Dame team environment
  • The pressure of winning NCAA’s and dealing with injuries.
  • Why she turned down her first professional running contract and how she signed with Saucony.
  • Her pure love of running and why it remains such an important part of her life.
  • Her involvement with Girls Gotta Run, her trips to Ethiopia and how the town of Bekoji rallied around her in a time of need.
  • Her love of doughnuts and why that is important to her as a professional runner.
  • How she embraces experiences for what they are, and her plans to go ‘full send in 2020.



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