229: Soul Sister Sessions on Overcoming Injury and Cross Training Tips with Abbey Cooper and Julia Hanlon

Abby and Jules walking through the snow
Photo by Rabbitwolf Creative

“I often find myself getting into places mentally where, I feel bad if I can’t will myself through something like an 80 minute aqua jogging session, but it’s really important to give yourself some grace you know, you’re already probably, most people,in a more tender emotional place recovering from injury, so whatever you need to do to refill your spirit, their gonna be elements of time where you know, cross training is hard to make it super fun all the time, you know you need to manage that and be ok with that, but really don’t allow yourself to delve into more of a negative cycle because just of the mundaneness”
Abbey Cooper

For this month’s Soul Sister Sessions episode, both Abbey and Julia are back at their respective homes after spending time together in Flagstaff when Abbey was on her altitude training camp. This month’s episode focuses specifically on running, answering five listener questions that cover a range of past experiences, funny stories and general insights that both Abbey and Julia have gained over the years on their individual running journeys.

Topics include:

    • A general check-in with both Abbey and Julia
    • Abbey’s experience with her ACL tear at the Rio Olympics and her key takeaways from that rehab experience
    • Making health a priority and how that looks
    • Cross training and how Abbey and Julia integrate cross training into their lives when managing injuries and setbacks
    • Bone stress injuries and how Abbey and Julia have navigated their respective injuries in the past
    • The intersection of running and life, and the power of community
    • What the next month looks like for them both


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