12: Scott Spitz on Running, Veganism, and Battling Cancer

Scott Spitz is an accomplished runner, writer, and long-time vegan. Scott is the creator of the RunVegan blog, where he shares his insights on running, veganism, and life.

In this episode, we discuss how Scott started running at the age of six to accomplishing his 2:25:55 marathon PR in the 2009 Chicago Marathon. Scott explains the backstory to his nineteen-years of being a vegan. Lastly, Scott describes his current journey with stomach cancer and how it has influenced his relationship with running and life.

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One thought on “12: Scott Spitz on Running, Veganism, and Battling Cancer

  1. Pete B says:

    Listened to the podcast on the drive into work today and enjoyed it. Scott is definitely an inspiration to us slower runners who want to get faster. Thanks for posting!

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