51: Carly Wilson on Pursuing Surfing and Practicing Yoga

Carly Wilson is a surfer and yogi from Santa Cruz, California who is surfing and studying on Oahu, Hawaii.

Carly Wilson began surfing at the age of 13 and was first introduced by her mother in the Santa Cruz waters near her home. For college, Carly moved to the Hawaiian island of Oahu to pursue surfing and school. This past year, Carly took time off from college to pursue surfing professionally and is returning to school this Fall to study sustainable food systems of Hawaii.

In this episode, Carly shares the story of how her mother first taught her to surf. She discusses all things surfing– how to navigate fear of waves, what kind of board she uses, and the variability of a surfing session. Carly reflects on her experience as a woman in the sport and her female inspirations in the surfing world. Carly reveals what she thinks about when riding a wave. She explores the intersection between yoga and surfing. Carly explains the role of nutrition in her life– both as fueling her sport and her sponsors. Lastly, sheexpresses her excitement to go back to school to study sustainable food systems of Hawaii.

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2 thoughts on “51: Carly Wilson on Pursuing Surfing and Practicing Yoga

  1. terraashmarie says:

    I just have to say that I love your podcast. All the women you interview have been so interesting and you ask wonderful questions. It always feels like listening to really smart girlfriends talking 🙂

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